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Great Talent strategy

Core values:

We implement the strategy of talent first, to promote team spirit, the enterprise and the staff of interdependence, the pursuit of common development; we advocate strategic human resource management Y theory under the premise, we believe that employees are willing to take the initiative to work, willing to take responsibility, willing to do the challenging and innovative, can reflect the individual the value of the work.

The company is a big family, every employee is a member of this family, we are tolerant of personality, equality, honesty, to provide a broad development platform for each employee; initiative, and has the spirit of learning and innovation consciousness, team spirit and sense of responsibility of the staff is the most valuable resource, we respect personal value, fully tap the potential of employees, staff development is the driving force for development.

The idea of employing people:

Have both ability and political integrity, integrity for the first
Talented man of Virtue -- reuse; non talented German people -- caution;
People who have no virtue - use after training; those who have no virtue;
Ability to do the job;
integrity - agree with corporate culture concept, and can put into practice.