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Tencent Mobile Security Lab strategy upgrades emphasize mobile health concept

///Tencent Mobile Security Lab strategy upgrades emphasize mobile health concept

Tencent Mobile Security Lab strategy upgrades emphasize mobile health concept

“Users of mobile phone virus, antivirus and other passive protection demand has stabilized, the application demand for equity securities, check email, online shopping and payment, hotel booking tickets and other more commercial properties to further strengthen, this also means that the focus of mobile phone security will not only include virus scanning, anti-virus, anti harassment and fraud. So the passive protection of foundation, but also need to be more intelligent to help users manage and optimize the performance of mobile phone.” September 16th, Tencent wireless business systems executive vice president Liu Chengmin told reporters.

This user habits and demand changes based on the Tencent Mobile Security Lab recently on the terminal security architecture (Mobile Terminals Assurance Architecture, referred to as MTAA) was upgraded by mobile phone security upgrade scheme to solve the immersion for mobile phone health management solutions. Liu Chengmin believes that this is the key link in the mobile phone hardware and software level to enhance the user experience.

According to reports, the Tencent Mobile Security Laboratory of the overall mobile security solutions for all strategy upgrade, MTAA core technology and core open cooperation, from the original to focus on safety upgrades for the “dual management Safety + health”. The new framework on the basis of the original architecture to increase the user’s personalized health applications related content, including performance optimization, process management, convenient settings, software portfolio recommendation. This mobile terminal health management solutions will also pay more attention to the user to recommend their phone and personal preferences match the application software.

In September 16th the same day, the Tencent held a grand launch event for the upgrade, the most important thing is to participate in, telecom, Qualcomm, Tianyu industry chain key, hope from multiple aspects of the industry chain to promote the concept of health on mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that many of the components of Tencent’s mobile health concepts and solutions are working with these industrial chain upstream and downstream research and development to promote. For example, power batteries, Qualcomm said, Tencent and Qualcomm recently in cooperation to enhance the performance of the mobile phone terminal, from the business point of the chip and the combination of both sides, to find common solutions to reduce power consumption and extend battery performance, such cooperation is very reasonable, also can hit many key problems.

Amagatarai general manager Rong Xiuli believes that the Tencent around the mobile phone health management upgrade MTAA architecture and open platform, so that the whole industry chain focus towards mobile phone health management direction. Tencent with Qualcomm, Tianyu companies jointly launched the “mobile phone Health Day” initiative, the initiative will be September 16th of each year as mobile phone health day.

With the upgrade of the mobile security strategy, at present, Tencent’s own mobile security business is also more confident. When a reporter asked about the competition with the traditional terminal security vendors problem, Liu Chengmin said, the Tencent is not solely on mobile phone security vendors to make money, so the security plan will be more fair, not because of the need to profit and produce some “shady” problem.