Great Shenzhen headquarters base started

///Great Shenzhen headquarters base started

Great Shenzhen headquarters base started

Great technology news: From November 24, 2012 to mid December, Shenzhen Great Technology Co.,Ltd base headquarters will be fully extended and modified. By then, the Shenzhen base will set the domestic business division, overseas division, production division, aftermarket, logistics, warehousing in one, give full play to the advantages of cooperation departments, for the latter strong development ready.

The new decoration, Great headquarters base in Shenzhen will be more conducive to the cooperation of various departments, regardless of office area or test room, examination room, production workshop, the operating area of s will increase, the international electronics industry company invested heavily in the laboratory and production workshop standardization inspection and production transformation, the introduction of advanced equipment used in intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone business and strive to create a domestic boutique.

As a founding member of Shenzhen Association of mobile phone enterprises, Shenzhen Great Technology Co.,Ltd for eight years has been committed to product quality as the core, steadily, and healthy development, the headquarters base expansion will be great technology development process in the history of a pen, because after the company’s long-term planning, the construction of the new headquarters will meet the development demand for the next 5 years, there is enough space to implement capacity expansion plan, regional advantage enough supporting the implementation of development, complete the construction of the new headquarters base, welcome customers to visit the city all over the country to guide the work of.