Network and terminal combination

///Network and terminal combination

Network and terminal combination

Mobile phone viruses will also present some new changes in the future challenges to the above system. Due to the Android system openness and APK program technical characteristics, the platform will face new security threats, after entering 2011 this trend has been very obvious. Mobile phone virus a large number of existing computer viruses accumulated over the years after the development of technology, rapid evolution. The complexity of the mobile Internet has led to the mobile phone virus inherently complex propagation patterns and behavior patterns, while the mobile phone virus developers to deal with blocking means rapid, abnormal understanding of the network.

So we look forward to the future of mobile anti-virus services and business prospects. We believe that the combination of the network side and the terminal side mobile phone anti-virus tools and a combination of SMS, WAP push, self inquiry and other means, can help users quickly killing the virus, effectively enhance the safety of the whole process of mobile internet.

In addition, in the prospect and trend of our system, we also proposed new development goals, which is to support a new generation of network protocols, SAE core network architecture to support future LTE network; to achieve ultra high speed processing ability, support the future of single user 100M, the monitoring capacity of the core network 10G flow analysis all above; the dimension of information, analysis of SMS, SMS, CMWAP point Monternet behavior fusion user, realize the whole process of monitoring the behavior of mobile phone.

(source communications world weekly)