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Crisis communication model of mobile phone media

///Crisis communication model of mobile phone media

Crisis communication model of mobile phone media

Abstract: after the SARS in 2003, the academia began to discuss how to use the media to spread crisis effectively from the perspective of crisis management and media function. With the improvement of mobile phone technology, the role of mobile media in crisis communication has become increasingly prominent, and its research is also increasingly valued. Based on the analysis of mobile phone text messages in the event of a crisis of representation and communication mode, creatively put forward the crisis communication system model of mobile phone, and from the micro and macro social system system puts forward suggestions on how to play the advantages of the mobile phone media in crisis communication.

Key words: mobile phone media crisis communication crisis management

Mobile phone media from the media is true, each user has its own communication terminal can voluntarily information transmission by the mobile phone media is true, whenever and wherever possible; multimedia, can pass by audio and video, animation, images, text and other forms of information; mobile phone media is the real grassroots media, low cost mobile phone and easy operation, the mobile phone media has become the most users, the most widely used media.

Mobile media crisis communication model

“The spread of crisis is a variant of the communication system”. The information of crisis communication is fragmented and complicated. Information dissemination characteristics of mobile phone SMS instant, quick, short, exactly in line with the principle of crisis communication, can quickly collect and edit the information in the first time, the dissemination of information to the maximum range, good information communication and coordination, to play the role of social harmony and social mobilization, assist the organization to resolve the crisis. The technical characteristics of mobile phone media in crisis communication determines its advantages: (1) mobile phone media orientated, crisis information arrival rate is high; (2) personalized communication mobile phone media, easy to accept the crisis information; (3) mobile phone media mobility, crisis information get in by every opening (4) height; in mobile phone media, crisis information collection convenient.

The study of crisis communication in China mainly includes three theoretical paradigms: communication, management and public relations. Mainland scholars 100 Hu essence on crisis management to do a thorough study on Rodgers’s “information flow” and “flow” on the “noise” hypothesis, the formation of crisis communication flow “3F” hypothesis. According to the American scholar Steven? The four stage on crisis management proposed by Fink and Hu 100 fine proposed crisis information flow “3F” hypothesis, the author conducted a preliminary exploration on crisis communication mode of mobile phone, the mobile phone media crisis communication mode (see Figure 1):

1 crisis latency: organizations with SMS platform to publish warning information to stakeholders, play the role of mobile media environment monitoring.

2 Crisis Crisis: to play the mobile phone instant media characteristics, the first time released real, effective information. Interaction between organization and stakeholders and stakeholders.

3 crisis spread: assist traditional media, good tracking reports, play the role of mobile media information exchange platform to promote communication between organizations, stakeholders, coordinate social conflicts.

4 crisis recovery: do follow-up reports and extended reports, in the form of thematic summary of experience, feedback, while doing a good job of knowledge popularization.

5 rumors and rumors throughout the various stages of crisis communication.