Service Policy

//Service Policy

Great authorized maintenance network information

List of service outlets.

Mobile phone commodity Three package certificate introduction

Three package certificate is mobile phone commodity quality problems, consumers enjoy the rights of the three packs of documents.

Repair machine note

1, fill out a single repair when please use italics to fill, to fill in the user name, telephone number, fault phenomenon, testing or maintenance requirements and other content. We will be based on the user to fill in the content of judgment and processing.

Great mobile phone warranty

warranty valid only under normal use. All man-made damage and the following terms are not within the scope of free warranty. But the customer service center provides maintenance services and charges appropriate fees.

Great “repair, refund, replacement” service notice

in order to protect the Shenzhen Great Technology Co. Ltd. to give you the "repair, replacement, return" ("three") interests, please cooperate with the following

After-sales service commitment

Strive to eliminate customer dissatisfaction, so as to achieve customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction 100%. Timely, effective and flexible handling of customer complaints, and strive to achieve a settlement rate of 100%.

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