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Crisis communication model of mobile phone media

after the SARS in 2003, the academia began to discuss how to use the media to spread crisis effectively from the perspective of crisis management and media function. With the improvement of mobile phone technology, the role of mobile media in crisis communication has become increasingly prominent, and its research is also increasingly valued. Based on the analysis of mobile phone text messages in the event of a crisis of representation and communication mode, creatively put forward the crisis communication system model of mobile phone, and from the micro and macro social system system puts forward suggestions on how to play the advantages of the mobile phone media in crisis communication.

Network and terminal combination

We believe that the combination of the network side and the terminal side mobile phone anti-virus tools and a combination of SMS, WAP push, self inquiry and other means, can help users quickly killing the virus, effectively enhance the safety of the whole process of mobile internet.

Tencent Mobile Security Lab strategy upgrades emphasize mobile health concept

"Users of mobile phone virus, antivirus and other passive protection demand has stabilized, the application demand for equity securities, check email, online shopping and payment, hotel booking tickets and other more commercial properties to further strengthen, this also means that the focus of mobile phone security will not only include virus scanning, anti-virus, anti harassment [...]

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